IQ Backgammon

4.5 ( 7665 ratings )
Спорт Игры Настольные Стратегии
Разработчик Mihai Babusca
1.99 USD

Do you want to play IQ Backgammon whenever you like? Are you tired of carrying the board and losing pieces and dice? Now you can play your favorite game anytime, anywhere! Its a touch away!

Enjoy endless hours of fun with the three game modes available:

• HUMAN OPPONENT - play Backgammon with your friends and the computer automatically validates the moves, tracks the score and forces your opponent not to make any "mistakes" when moving :)

• COMPUTER OPPONENT – practice playing with the competitive opponent we created for you and then show your friends that luck is not all it takes to win the game

• FREE STYLE – play exactly how you want, just like on a real board: you can move anything anywhere, you can track the score manually, you can even cheat if you want, just be careful your friend doesn’t see it

With realistic graphics and beautiful looks on the high resolution screen, this application will transform your favorite device in a real backgammon board, while the rich sounds and the vibrations will bring the game to life.

Have fun!